Inflatable boat ride on different degrees of rapids on the rocky kelani river in universally branded safety gear. Anyone from any age group from beginners to physically fit adults will be facilitated accordingly. Best Natural Rafting Track in the Asian Continent. Read More


Trekking, sliding down a natural slide/rock rivulet into the rock pool, and confidence cliff jumping in safety gear. Participation is for people at any age group above 7 years. Read More


Climbing down an amazing waterfall experiencing a view far beyond a common tourist just looking at it, with use of universally branded (Black Diamond) safety gear. Read More


Adventurous ride on a steep and inclined cable, to experience and fulfill the curiosity of the flattering aerial view of a river running through a forest, like an Eagle. Read More


A walk through a rainforest on wider trails for a vast experience on wild nature, starting by crossing the river either by a 200m wire bridge, a suspension bridge or by a catamaran and returning back to the hotel at the end of the tour by a traditional catamaran or by a bridge (optional), followed by the guidance of a professional naturalist. Read More


Safe cliff jumping into a natural clear water rock pool in the middle of the woods. Read More


An mountain cycling adventure using specialised mountain bikes, experiancing the satisfying views of tea plantations, along with a guide. Read More


Best bird watching experience in the wet zone of the country where no other place could deliver, along with the guidance of a professional bird watching naturalist. Read More


Another flat water activity done individually on inflatable swimming rings, giving a different fun experience, along with a team of life guards standby. Read More


Fresh air scented with the beauty of the woods, evenings around camp fires, and a night sky full of stars, waking up to the sunshine reflecting from waterfalls with crystal waters or river banks in the green woods. We arrange one or more overnight stays in standard camping tent-houses, away from busy home life, at a location in Kitulgala which is totally different by weather and atmosphere, from any other place in the country, but also in a very small distance from Colombo, the main city of... Read More