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Adventure Based Training Programs
Adventure Based Training Program
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Adventure Based Training Programs
for the Corporate sector

We conduct these programs specially to develop a concept called ‘TEAM BUILDING’ through adventure activities. It becomes possible to assess the development of the organization, identification of new teams, identifying leadership, achieving productivity, effectiveness and cultivating team-feeling among staff in the means of these adventure based training programs which will give confidence to face challenges without fear or uncertainty.

These programs which operate mainly through Adventure Activities are capable of aligning people to the corporate goals, vision and mission, by disclosing their hidden potential and capabilities. The Programs will help the participants to broaden their horizons, and to contribute their best to the organization, thereby helping to achieve national development. These programs will certainly support the development of the organization and of the country as a whole, as they are aimed at developing the skills and potential of the participants.

All these ABT Programs are custom made according to different corporate requirements, and include creative workshops, briefing and de-briefing sessions. The ABT’s contain the following activities, themes and objectives.

Adventure based training program

Elementary of our ABTP

• Stretching exercises
• Interaction activities
• Ice breakers
• Team dynamic games
• Trust Building

• Fun Games
• Camping
• Expeditions activities
• Entertainment sessions
• Briefing / De-briefing Sessions

• Adventure activities  
White Water rafting
Flat Water Rafting
Water Fall Abseiling
Rock climbing
River Bank Trekking
Water Fall trekking
Rope courses
High rope courses
Jungle trekking
Bird watching
Nature Trails
Mountain cycling
Confidence jump
   Training Programmes  
   Silver Package
   01 day adventure based training programme
(Roots to excellence)
   Gold Package
   02 days/01 nyt adventure based training programme
(Raising your limits)
   Platinum Package
   03 days/02 nyts adventure based training programme
(Ultimate Experience)
Adventure Based Training Programs
Adventure Based Training Programs
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Location Map    
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